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With the Omega-3 Challenge

Why Participate in the Omega-3 Challenge?

  • Determine your omega-3 levels to discover whether or not you are deficient and at risk.
  • Be a part of a ground-breaking study with only 200 spots available.
  • Save over $100 off of MSRP on the Omega 3-Challenge Bundle as part of this study.
  • Receive direct support from GrassrootsHealth (independent research organization) during the challenge.

Are you Omega-3 Deficient?

An estimated 95% of Americans are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, putting them in a high-risk category, vulnerable to many different health concerns. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t produce omega-3s on its own, which means you must consume enough DHA and EPA fatty acids and/or supplement to increase your levels to help meet your body’s needs.
Ranked as the sixth greatest killer, omega-3 deficiency has been attributed to 84,000 preventable deaths in just one year. Yet, a whopping 77% of people polled don’t know low levels can be harmful to their health.
These essential fatty acids play critical roles in cognitive development and learning, visual development, immune strength, inflammatory function, brain health and so much more. They affect every one of your hundred trillion cell membranes.

Omega-3 Index

The Omega-3 Index is a measure of the amount of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids in the red blood cell membranes. The higher the number, the more EPA and DHA you have in your body, while having a low number is considered a higher risk factor for developing health issues. How at risk you are depends on where your number falls on the scale.
100 %
High Risk
100 %
100 %
Low Risk
Omega-3 levels should be tested regularly to assess the need for omega-3 supplementation.

Are You Ready to Participate?

Where do you fall on the scale? Join the groundbreaking Omega-3 Challenge to test your current Omega-3 Index levels and assess your potential need for omega-3 supplementation – Only 200 spots available for this study.
We even offered this challenge to our very own team members and received excellent feedback. View the testimonial video below!

Omega-3 Challenge Bundle now available!

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Omega-3 levels should be tested regularly to assess the need for omega-3 supplementation.

Begin the Challenge - A Step by Step Guide

Once you receive your Dr. Mercola Krill Oil and Omega-3 Index Test Kits in the mail, you can begin the Omega-3 Challenge.
This testing is performed by an independent research organization, and Dr. Mercola does not personally review or evaluate individual test results.
Create your participant account at grassrootshealth.net/o3-challenge or the link on the back of your blood spot card, located in your Test Kit.

This step creates your online account to which all results are posted.

Click the “Complete Questionnaire” button to fill out your first questionnaire. This questionnaire must be completed in order for your blood spot test to be processed.

This questionnaire will be completed at the time of your first blood spot test and the second one during your follow-up re-test three months later. It should take about 15-20 minutes and will ask questions about health history, recent health, medications, current supplementation and diet, and lifestyle habits. Having your supplement bottles available for reference will be useful for this questionnaire.

Log in to the questionnaire using your “First Name” as you entered it when registering for your account.

Complete your blood spot test, and mail it in.

Remember to write your Participant ID, Date of Birth and Date of Collection on the back of your blood spot card. Mail it back as soon as possible, as the samples for the Omega-3 Index test will expire if received more than 21 days after collection.

Watch this How-To Video for tips: grassrootshealth.net/howto

Receive your results, and determine your new omega-3 dose.

Be sure any email coming from grassrootshealth.org is on your safe senders list. Results will be posted to your online account, and the link to access them will be in the results email you receive. Once you have your results, use the Omega-3 Supplement Calculation Chart below to determine how much to increase your omega-3 dosage in order to achieve a target Omega-3 Index of at least 8%.

Please Note: If you’re already taking an omega-3 supplement, don’t stop or change your daily routine.

Complete the Weekly Supplementation Survey to help track how much omega-3 supplementation you are taking.

This is a very important part of your participation. Reminder emails for completing this survey will be sent. Quick and easy, these surveys have only four questions with one optional question. Please do your best to complete one survey every week between your first and second blood spot test.

After three months, complete your second d blood spot test and online questionnaire.
Wait for your results, and see how you improved!

For questions regarding the Test Kits, Questionnaires or supplementation, please contact Jen Aliano of GrassrootsHealth at 760-710-9305.

For all other questions, contact GrassrootsHealth Customer Service at 760-579-8141.

Special Notes:

  • This testing is performed by an independent research organization. Dr. Mercola does not personally review or evaluate individual test results.
  • Due to the nature of this product, the Omega-3 Index Test Kit is non-refundable.
  • Because of the import restrictions and state laws in place for the Omega-3 Test Kit, we are unable to ship this product anywhere outside of the U.S.
  • Completion of the online questionnaires is a required part of testing.
  • Participants agree to complete and return blood spot testing within seven days of receipt or testing date indicated via email.
  • Participants agree to complete Weekly Supplementation Surveys within seven days of receipt of each reminder email.
  • Additional Krill Oil supplements beyond what is included in this package may need to be purchased in order to achieve the target level of omega-3s.